Alexander Collins

Software Engineer
Computer Science Graduate

Slogans to impress recruiters:
Constantly improveDisciplined perfectionism


An English software engineer enjoys low-level programming, learning new things and staying awake at night solving problems. I either try my best, or not at all.
I got into programming thinking it's something I'd enjoy as a career; jokes on me - it became a hobby too.


During a year-out between college and university, I taught myself to program in C. I went on to study on a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Computer Science at the University of the West of England for 4 years, with a 14-month internship at Intel in the middle; I graduated first-class in 2018. In the middle of my final year at university I started work at a series-A startup company: AppSecTest, where I helped write software to reverse-engineer mobile applications to check for security and legal compliance (less boring than it sounds).


During my internship at Intel, I was introduced to the world of IoT. This was a great experience, since I got to work on projects from embedded (microcontrollers) all the way up to end-user interfacing (web, android, etc) and everything in-between (data transport, databases, etc). Being a C-lover, I found the low-level software development most fun, and while able & willing work web-dev, I don't find it challenging.

Since graduating in Computer Science, I've found myself with enough free time and energy to spend on personal projects. These projects aren't limited to technology, but are really anything that I want to sink time into and result in something I'm happy with. I'm always using them to learn something new or take my own spin on something done before; they vary from small, silly hobby-projects to absolute time-vampires. I've found these projects are really good for catharsis and keeping personal growth & passions from dying.

Outside of software development and other projects, I love going to music gigs & festivals, metal gigs are certainly the most fun, but I enjoy all sorts. Being a melennial based in Bristol (UK) for several years, I've become a alcoholic. fan of craft-beer (no beard though). I grew up in forest-town and really enjoy wandering around woods, exploring new places and long walks. Gaming is probably where my heart's at for off-time though, I've been a big PC-focused gamer since I was young and getting old games to run is what got me into technology in the first place, unfortunately I don't get as much time to game these days though.

I built this site in about a week during the 2020 Covid-19 shutdown that most countries experienced. It only uses HTML/CSS (written from scratch) since it's a really simple site, with only 3 pages.

I've tried to make sure the site is nice and responsive. If you find any problems with it, here's my email:

The other thing I did during the shutdown was re-write my CV (job situation wasn't stable at the time). I did it in HTML/CSS because I got really sick of moving margin lines about after spending half a day starting it in a standard word processor. Personally I've always thought HTML/CSS is really underrated as a document writing tool - doing it like this has provided loads of benefits and flexibility.