Born 30th November 1994
Mobile 07918634107
Address 183 Cheltenham Rd, Cotham, Bristol, United Kingdom

Alexander Collins

Software Engineer, Computer Science Graduate


I'm a software engineer who enjoys solving real-world problems, working out clean algorithms and finding simple solutions. Always motivated when learning something new and working to benefit others. While rarely the loudest member of a group, I always voice concerns, ideas and offer a pragmatic perspective. Aside from technical skills, I thrive when challenged with something that requires a lot of thought and am always trying to plan ahead.

Outside of work, my interests include programming, writing and some arts - I'm always looking to try new things. I love going to music concerts (particularly metal), video games and hiking when I need to wind down.

Work Experience

Nov. 2017 - Current

AppSecTest Role: Lead Software Engineer

Lead developer of the ASAnalyzer React webapp, backend server and middleware server. Co-developed the DEX (apk file) static analysis engine. Co-developed our Kubernetes infrastructure stack and its Terraform/Terragrunt deployment solution. As one of two developers in the 4-man company, I was really able to feel and see the impact of my work and learn how to effectively work in a team.

Jul. 2016 - Aug. 2017

Intel Role: Technical Marketing Engineer (Internet of Things Group)

Accepted for a 14 month internship at Intel during my sandwich year at university. I developed, supported and marketed fullstack IoT demos and concept prototypes. Educated groups of school children on IoT, demonstrated prototypes to academics and plugged Intel's solution value-add in talks with groups of business leaders at both the London and Swindon Intel offices. This was all done in collaboration with multiple other teams.

2014 - 2018

University of the West of England (UWE) BSc (Hons), Computer Science

For my final year dissertation I produced a LoRa(WAN) library in C and an extendable Grove Sensor device framework in C++, this was bundled as a wireless sensor SDK for Microntrollers. Other projects include an RFC4330-compliant SNTP server & client, a single-wire communication protocol implemented on an embedded systems, genetic AI algorithm for finding patterns in data, and more. Achieved a First Class Honours at the end of my course, the Dean Award for Academic Excellence1 (twice).
1 Awarded for achieving an overall average mark of 75% or more across all modules.

Key Skills

NodeJS, Javascript, TypescriptExperienced
Shell, BashExperienced
GoIntermediate - Expert
C++Novice - Intermediate
Java, KotlinNovice - Intermediate
ARM, RFID, UART, SPI, FTDI, GPIO, Limited Memory & Resource handling
Data Handling
LoRa(WAN), Bluetooth, MQTT, TCP/IP Sockets, HTTP, AMQP, MongoDB, SQL, Grafana, AWS SDK
Environments / Tooling
Linux, Windows, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vagrant, VMs
Web technologies
React, REST, Express, JWT, Mustache, Grafana

Project Portfolio

I spend a lot of my personal time on various projects, ranging from development to more artistic things like photography, writing, arts. I wanted to share some here, you can find more at my portfolio site:

Misc. Achievements