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Address Bristol, UK

Alexander Collins

Software Engineer,
Computer Science Graduate

I'm a driven and pragmatic software engineer dedicated to efficient and robust solutions with long-term use and benefits.
Work engages me when it directly helps others or when exploring new ideas. I'm always looking to understand solutions top-to-bottom so that I can take a goal-oriented approach to find ways to improve upon the value solutions already provide.
I enjoy working in small teams with little friction, where sharing ideas and helping each other out is easy.

Outside of work, my interests include gaming, music gigs & festivals, more programming and long walks/hikes. Sometimes I engage in writing and photography projects too, although I'm more shy about those.

Key Skills

C / C++
NodeJS / Javascript
Java / Kotlin
Shell / Bash
Backend & Frontend
HTML/CSS,  React,  Express,  AWS SDK (S3),  PyQT5,  Spring 
Data Handling (Networking, Databases, ...)
LoRa(WAN),  MQTT,  TCP/IP/UDP,  DHCP,  HTTP,  PostgreSQL,  MongoDB 
ARM,  UART,  SPI,  FTDI,  GPIO,  STM32F401,  Intel Quark,  Arduino 
Environments & Tooling
Git,  POSIX (Linux/Unix/etc),  Windows,  Docker,  Vagrant,  Virtual Machines  Webpack,  Make,  CMake,  Maven,  Gradle 


OneTrustBackend Software EngineerMar 2022 - Aug 2022
The Market-Defining Leader for Trust Intelligence.

As part of the acquisition, we integrated AppSecTests technology as a 'OneTrust cloud' SaaS. This required learning their ecosystem (Kafka, Azure, Spring, Angular) and delivering within 5 months.

AppSecTestFull-Stack Software EngineerNov 2017 - Mar 2022
Analysing of third-party data collection behaviours.

One of two developers for 4-5 years in a 5-man startup. We created a product to disassemble & analyse Android apps (APKs) for security, legal and privacy compliance issues and successfully made an exit, selling the technology & team to OneTrust.

IntelTechnical Marketing EngineerJul 2016 - Aug 2017

A 14-month internship in the Internet of Things (IoT) team.


University of the West of England (UWE) BSc (Hons), Computer Science 2014 - 2018

A 4-year sandwich course (includes a year of internship). Achieved a First-Class Honours.

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