30th November 1994 (25)
183 Cheltenham Rd, Cotham, Bristol, United Kingdom

Alexander Collins

Software Engineer, Computer Science Graduate

Work Experience

AppSecTest Nov. 2017 - Mar. 2020

Role: Lead Software Engineer

Handled development, bug-fixing, complete-documentation and releases of existing products. Helped out with company decisions and infrastructure (Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster).

Developed static analyses of security and compliance (GDPR/CCPA) issues within mobile games. Small (4-man) series A startup1, partnered with Keyword Studios2 and The Trust Bridge. Joined 4-months into final year at university. Being 1/2 developers, I was able to work on all of our team's products.

Took over as sole developer for a webapp & server (NodeJS, PostgreSQL, React/Material-UI), provided a feature-heavy interface for users to upload applications and view results. This was the main driver of value-add for sales.

Developed the data & application transport (NodeJS, Kotlin), which transported analysis results and transported apps (from user upload to an AWS storage server to the analysis agent); used multi-part HTTP requests.

Intel (14 Month Internship) Jul. 2016 - Aug. 2017

Role: Technical Marketing Engineer / Technical Sales Specialist (IoT Group)

Development, maintenance/support and marketing of full-stack IoT demos & prototypes.

Full-stack IoT development (microcontrollers, data transport & science, web dev, android, etc) showcasing technologies (i.e. LoRa, Intel SoC's ) and actively maintaining these demos across both the London & Swindon offices.

Gave talks & presentations to groupsi in London & Swindon offices; discussion focused on selling prototypes, education, and plugging Intel's value-add.

Setup & hosting responsibilities at HPE Discover London (2016) for the IoT RFID Retail demo at Intel's booth. Gained valuable networking experience.

Management & training of the intern taking over my role during the last 2 months of the internship.

  1. Groups sized 5-20. Audience ranged from educating school children, to pre-amble for clients.

Selected Projects