Born30th November 1994
Mobile 07918634107
Address 2 Clevedon Terrace, Cotham, Bristol, United Kingdom

Alexander Collins

Software Engineer, Computer Science Graduate


I'm a software engineer who enjoys solving real-world problems, working out clean algorithms and solving complex problems with simple solutions. Always motivated when learning something new or solving problems to benefit others or myself. While rarely the loudest member of a group, I always voice concerns, ideas and offer a pragmatic perspective. Aside from technical skills, I thrive when challenged with a problem that requires a lot of thought and am always trying to plan ahead.

Outside of work, my interests include programming, writing and some arts - I'm always looking to try new things. I love going to music concerts, playing video games and hiking when I need to wind down.

Work Experience

Nov. 2017 - Current

AppSecTest Role: Lead Software Engineer

Handle software deliverables, refactors and product maintenance/deployment in a time-sensitive manner. Co-develop the APK static analysis engine, which determines data collected by Android apps . Lead developer of the Reacct webapp & backend/middleware servers that present that data and run comparison algorithms between data for each uploaded version of the same app. Assist with the infrastructure stack and handle the majority of product deployments.

As one of two developers in the 4-man company, I was really able to feel and see the impact of my work and learn how to effectively work in a team.

Jul. 2016 - Aug. 2017

Intel Role: Technical Marketing Engineer (Internet of Things Group)

Accepted for a 14 month internship at Intel during my sandwich year at university. I developed, supported and marketed fullstack IoT demos and concept prototypes. Educated groups of school children on IoT, demonstrated prototypes to academics and plugged Intel's solution value-add in talks with groups of business leaders at both the London and Swindon Intel offices. This was all done in collaboration with multiple other teams.

2014 - 2018

University of the West of England (UWE) BSc (Hons), Computer Science

Achieved a First Class Honours at the end of my course, the Dean Award for Academic Excellence1 (twice). My final year dissertation produced a LoRa(WAN) library in C an extendable Grove Sensor device framework in C++ to as a wireless sensor SDK for Microntrollers. Other projects include an RFC4330-compliant SNTP server & client, a single-wire communication protocol implemented on an embedded systems, genetic AI algorithm for finding patterns in data, and more.
1 Awarded for achieving an overall average mark of 75% or more across all modules.

Key Skills

NodeJS, JavascriptExpert
Shell, BashExpert
Java, KotlinIntermediate
ARM, RFID, UART, SPI, FTDI, GPIO, Limited Memory & Resource handling
Data Handling
LoRa(WAN), Bluetooth, MQTT, TCP/IP Sockets, HTTP, AMQP, MongoDB, SQL, Grafana, AWS SDK
Environments / Tooling
Linux, Windows, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vagrant, GNU Compilers, VMs, UML
Web technologies
React, REST, Express, JWT, Mustache, Grafana

Project Portfolio

I spend a lot of my personal time on various projects, ranging from development to more artistic things like photography, writing, arts. I wanted to share some here, you can find more at my portfolio site:

Misc. Achievements